Roberto Tramelli


Apple and Google
I am a great fan of all "made-in-Cupertino" 's products. My first experience, was 25 years ago, with an Apple IIc.
Nowadays, I spend time to evaluate differents solutions by Apple and Google. Technologies are continuing to evolve and I'm always updated with it and with new, revolutionary, mobile and wearable devices.

IT, Networking and VoIP
Information Technology consist in integrating more environments inside a unique functional solution. Apple, Linux and Microsoft must work and communicate together with harmony: so I, always, work hard for creating mixed, innovative and cheap solutions.

Projecting, Developing and Creativity
My versatility focus on managing projects and coordinating works on different sides: technical and graphical.
Development is not only "coding", but is the right level of creativity and graphics linked together.

Professional Training
The first step to be a good teacher is to be a good student, too. Learning is important! My insane need to keep me updated, studying all and at the top, everyday, gives me pleashure to share my knowledge with others.